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If you would like to be listed here, just have a link to my page and E mail the page to me. E mail at:
(E Mail subject must inc. dale1)
Cruise sex site
Test you internet speed at this site
Bandwidth Speed Test
  Palm Springs Gay Radio Station
Gay Demon
Supplies different Sex info and pics.

Free Stuff

If you know of any free stuff, E mail me at:

Search for programs on ZD Net
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Many Free programs are listed here.

Check original site for updates.   The address is usually in the help section.
These are some of the recommended files I use.
If you have one, please E Mail me at:

Win Ace  Opens compressed files.  .ace  .jar  .rar  .zip  etc.  Free

View Pro Use code 15527373 Great picture viewer.

C Cleaner Clean the junk off of your computer.  Free

Advance System Care Cleans off even more junk off of you computer.   Both CC Cleaner and this program work well together.  But if you only get one, this one is best.  Free version works well.

Team Viewer  Share your desktop with anyone that has this program.  Great for getting someone to fix your computer over the internet.  Free

Funny Voice  Says it all!  Free

UnLocker   Ever try to delete a file and it says that it is in use by another program and won't delete?   Free

Front Page 98  Web Page Design.

Last Pass Better then Robo Form Stores and unlimited passwords and identies for IE, FireFox and Chrome.  FREE

Trillian   All your favorite instant messanger services in one small window.  Great if you have a lot of friends on AOL, Yahoo, etc.  Free!  Actually I use Miranda IM now.  Try googling it!  Also Free!

Quick Phrase  Program this program to type in phrases, paragraphs, etc by clicking control and most other keys.  Like a hot key, but much better.   Free

GoodSync   Syncs files within your computer, network or the internet.  Free version is limited but still good.



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